Whether collecting, selling, or needing an appraisal, the Ironhorse Gallery will provide a quality service with maximum positive results. Today, the “Railroadiana” field is currently among the most popular of all collectible subjects. However, due to the uniqueness, diversity, and regional interests of Railroadiana, it is extremely difficult to find the ‘right’ buyer for any given item. With 28 years of dedicated experience, the Ironhorse Gallery has specifically optimized the process of selling most any type of railroad artifact. With very reasonable terms, we will handle everything necessary. In some cases, we are willing to personally pack and transport larger collections, from anywhere in the continental US, guaranteeing safe handling to our home location in Southern Oregon.  We would like to emphasize the basis of why we can specifically market and therefore obtain top level sales results. That basis is wholly due to our own vast resource of specialized expertise we have of the diverse railroadiana field. As well, it is imperative to access the advanced collectors who are each looking for specific items of particular interest. Ironhorse Gallery has  a database of over 3,200 collectors, investors, interior designers, and railroad historians! Based on an assessment of each and every item we encounter, we will utilize the best of our creative range of selling methods to realize optimum value for each piece we market. Our consignment rates range from 15 to 25 percent,  based on the final sale price of each item. If you do consider selling, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to discuss any details that you wish.

If You Are Considering Selling Your Railroadiana

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